April 3, 2017 Scott Gall

Do Not Conform, Be Transformed


9bd0eb61aaf569a9b5564abde58cf146  As we’ve been preparing for our upcoming clinic at the store, we’ve spent a lot of time mulling the intricacies of what makes a successful plan.  Over and over again, we see that it’s not the plan itself but the details that support it.  Those details can be broken into two categories, Your Basic Needs and Your Family.  We all know that if you come from a good family, those Basic Needs are probably being met.  What’s awesome about this is that by taking care to surround yourself with a good family you essentially get two birds with one stone.  Surround yourself with the right people and you’ll find yourself doing more and more of the right things.

Sure, someone can go ahead and try to pump themselves up day after day, trying to imagine that it’s them against the world and that they got this all on their own.  In the end, even the ones that seem to have it all together and appear to be so strong, have a supportive family supporting them.

For children, basic needs would be food, clothing, and shelter.  For athletes, that looks more like eating right, drinking right, sleeping enough, and taking care of their body that they subject hard training to.  Burning the candle at both ends is in our culture’s blood but it doesn’t yield great results for endurance athletes.  Many times, it yields injury, fatigue, burn out, and unachieved goals.  Flipping the script on goals left unattained is done by ensuring that your family has your back.  Does yours?!

In an article found on the Becoming Who You Are website, Hannah Braime lists the 5 Types of People that you want in your tribe.  Surprisingly she includes the nay sayers in that list.  When you think about it, there are some people in your life you might never be able to get away from…  Family, co-workers, professional or academic relationships etc.  If you look through the 5 Types of People and make an honest list of the people you have around you and what type of person they are, you’ll have a great start to figuring out if you’re moving in the right direction.

I got nothing for you when it comes to how you go about populating more people in the first 4 categories and less in the 5th.  Sorry.  What I can tell you is that polite silence can speak volumes.  Decreasing your involvement with those who will bring you down will free up more time to spend with those who can pick you up.  And that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring others along with you.  It means, that you should pay attention to those who either help you out or allow you to help them.  That’s how a team works.  Cutting ties with some (not all) of those who simply won’t be positive isn’t easy but I’d dare to say that it’s necessary.

Being transformed is to change your character or condition.  Conforming is to follow or move over.  If we desired no change, we wouldn’t set goals.  Setting goals is to acknowledge that we desire change, progress, renewed success.  Before you continue to push towards your goals, take a look around you.  Take a look behind you.  Do they got your back?!  Good, now go get em’ tiger!



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