August 16, 2017 Scott Gall

It’s Confirmed










It’s confirmed.  Well, it isn’t good, I mean it’s not that bad but let’s talk about this for a minute.  I’ve got some man belly!  Hey it’s not the end of the world, I’m 43 years old and still in pretty good shape.  I’ve been blessed to be able to stay active for almost my entire life thus far.

I’ve had a few injuries, and almost ten years ago, I suffered from Epstein Barr which is a virus like mono that knocked me out for an entire two years!  But, I was younger then and my metabolism ran like a scolded dog.

Last September I injured myself the way all 40 somethings do.  I ran a hard run in the morning and then after work I moved our children’s bedrooms around by lifting awkwardly shaped, heavy objects by myself, up a spiral staircase.  The next day I was sore and wondered why for a moment until I rewound the day before and figured it out.  It’s been almost a year and I trained injured for a while and then took almost two months totally off from activity.  I’ve been biking and think the injury is finally almost gone so I’m starting to increase how much I’m running and doing.  BUT, yesterday I happened a glance in the mirror after my shower and I could see a little belly fat!  Ok, so you say, big deal, join the club…  I get it.  It’s not the end of the world but it is a change from the norm for me.

I was once in the Ankeny YMCA to do some swim training w/ my coach and ran into a friend named Josh Wandrey.  “Hey Josh, what’s up man?  You training for something specific?”  Josh replied, “Nope, just trying to look good naked.”  You know what they say about sex…  it’s like pizza, some is better than others, but it’s all good.  Now naked bodies might be the exact opposite.  I once heard a talk show host say that it was a shame that what we think looks good and what we think feels good when the lights are off are many times, two different things!  So I’m not saying that I look bad or good or even what we all should look like.  What I’m saying is that my body has changed, I’m less fit, and I’m carrying around some extra weight that isn’t going to help me get back to where I’d like to be.

The plan for the removal of this most unwelcome companion???  The same as any logical, well-thought, incremental plan, slow but steady improvement.  You see, I could freak out and try to cut half my caloric intake and end up lacking energy and probably get sick or injured again.  I could go hog wild on the core/abs work and hurt myself more to the point of not being able to do anything.  I could even just say the heck with it, give up and resign myself to be a normal 43 year old that buys some sweet new clothes that help me feel better.  Instead, I’m going to eat half as many peanut butter cookies as I usually do before bed.  I’m going to do 2 minutes of planks a day.  I’m going to drink one more liter of water a day.  I’m going to keep up on my PT so that my injury doesn’t linger.  And just a few weeks from now, I hope to get a side glance in the mirror and notice that my unwelcome friend has gone home.

Giving 90%,    100% of the time is way better than 180% for two days or two weeks.  It takes positive self talk, disciplined habit making, and a desire to achieve YOUR personal goals and not the goals for most of those around you.

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