May 10, 2017 Scott Gall

It’s the Fight








Shout out this morning to one of our own!  He had his dog stolen and missing for two weeks, but was able to find him and bring him home yesterday.  He brought him home 20 lbs. heavier and with a shaved coat and dyed hair.  The dog and owner knew each other no matter the change in appearance.

I love dogs.  I love animals.  For many reasons.  But, I think one of the main reasons is that no matter how old they are or how rough life gets for them, they always seem to keep their same demeanor.  They always love those they’ve always loved.  They always play just like they’ve always played.  And they always seem to be ok even when they might not be.  That’s a hard order for most of us humans for sure.

As Mike got his dog back I got to thinking about that fight that dogs have, the fight that Mike had to find his dog instead of giving up the search, and the fight that we all face daily and for a lifetime.  We’ve all heard the quote, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of fight in the dog.”

As we head into Summer, we hope that you can find your “inner dog,” your “inner animal,” and keep your wits about you as you gain motivation to make positive change in your life.  Move more, love more, reassure more, and remind yourself that no matter how old, you still got fight in ya.

Congratulations Mike!

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