April 17, 2017 Scott Gall

One Moment







As I was threatening our son w/ a spanking because of continued whining, I had to pause and take a moment to step back.  We haven’t given spankings in quite some time.  We’d decided as a family that the goal is to teach our kids the rights and wrongs of expected behavior and not hand out physical punishment.  We do timeouts at the kitchen table or in their bedrooms as a means for them to do exactly what I had to do this morning, take a minute and reflect before proceeding with a more positive plan.

After a pause, I said, “I didn’t mean a spanking, I meant a time out…”  I explained that the whining simply needs to stop and we moved on throughout our morning.  I felt a little silly but more frustrated with myself for threatening instead of teaching.  I’m not the most laid back sort you’ve ever met so thinking before acting is a daily challenge that I continue to work on.  The biggest reason I continue to work on this is those, “moments,” past, present, and future.  The moments that impact others for better or worse.

Running allows us a time to work on these moments.  Hardly any of us run all of our runs w/ others.  That means that we have times where it’s just ourselves with our own inner thoughts.  Those times are ripe for self-reflection, improvement, and pause.  As we breath in and breath out, as we take in our scenery, and as we examine all the daily scenarios that we face, I hope we can remind ourselves that every moment can have a positive or negative impact on others and ourselves.  I hope you do a much better job than I.  And I hope that you find incredible moments where your plans that were hatched from a run on your own, yield wonderful results.

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