February 22, 2017 Scott Gall

Rest is like Pizza









They say some things are like pizza, some is better than others but it’s always good.  Rest and recovery falls into that category.  Recently, I was working with a client on adjusting their training plan for coming back from being really sick.  Many times, we want to come back too quickly and find ourselves just able enough to shuffle through a workout.  Even worse, sometimes, we try to start the workout only to find out we don’t have enough energy to even complete it.  Both of those scenarios do nothing to increase our fitness.  Actually, they probably slow down our ability to fully recover.  So we decided to simply have a full day off.  The results were a run that felt great and was much better than we could have hoped.

From time to time I’ve been one to talk about sleep habits.  Our culture is one that continues to push to get more and more done without regard to taking care of our health and well being.  We increase our training volume and intensity by getting up earlier without finding a way to make up for the missed sleep and that is truly a mistake almost every time.  (Unless you already sleep 11 hours a night and now you get 10;)  I wish!  Well planned rest that you use wisely can help you make gains that might not be attainable without the recovery.  Stress + Recover= Progress.  It’s a simple equation that many hide behind the other layers of training like volume, workouts, and cross-training.  However, those all fall within the Stress portion of the equation.

Next week we plan to talk about speaking your goals into existence.  I wanted to first talk about recovery because visualizing when tired or stressed out isn’t the best idea and trying to talk yourself into believing that you can achieve something while not formulating a plan without recovery isn’t either.  Plan those rest days just like you plan your workouts and you’ll soon find that the workouts will go better than you could’ve hoped.  Rest rarely disappoints, just like pizza!

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