January 2, 2018 Scott Gall

See, Believe, Achieve

Our college coach was very keen on the importance of positive self-talk, the power of the mind on performance, and visualizing to realize your goals.  Coach Johnson would always repeat, “If you can see it, you can believe it, if you can believe it, you can achieve it.”

As we enter into another New Year, many of us will begin to think more intently on our health and fitness goals for the upcoming year.  On January 9th we begin a Clinic Series entitled, “The Best You Yet.”  Our first clinic will focus on goal setting.  Many times, it seems that people set goals so far out there that they can’t even see them.  Sure every once in a while someone comes along with enough gusto to achieve the seemingly impossible.  But for most of us, setting a goal of running a 100 Miler doesn’t make sense if we’ve yet to even begin running let alone run our first 5K.

I look at goals like a road trip.  The end result can be miles and miles away but in the mean time there are mile markers, exits for bathroom breaks and food, and maybe even a side-stop at a friend’s place.  Having a goal without waypoints is a sure way to get lost.  Join us for our first clinic where we’ll help you set your goals on waypoints.  Set your sights on reasonable adventures that help you stay motivated, injury free, and more importantly, keep you moving forward toward your end result.  Being able to see each goal will help you also be able to believe and achieve.

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