The Power of the Tongue P1











Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.
Proverbs 18:21

As we move closer and closer into the Spring season many of us will start to feel a little more pressure.  We’ll pick out our A races, set goals for the season, and find that we can’t just put in easy miles of training if we want to achieve those goals.  We’ll increase our intensity and work harder to get better.  But there’s one muscle that many of us have yet to even consider as one of the most important, our tongue.

Let’s be even more specific.  It’s not just the words you let fly out of your mouth that can hurt or heal, tear down, or build up.  It’s the ones that you allow yourself to listen to inside yourself that are just as important.

Before we touch on, “Speaking Goals into Existence,” let’s do a little Spring cleaning. OK, maybe a lot of Spring cleaning. There are many areas of our lives that we could use our tongues in a more positive manner.  The tongue has power and if you think you’ll argue this point, first think about little children.  Being a father of two young children has made me increasingly aware of so many of my own short comings.  For a decade I worked with children in treatment facilities who’d had plenty of harmful arrows shot at them from their parents’ tongues.  Honestly, I find it quite scary to now have a 6 and 7 year old that I’m helping to raise and encourage.  I’ve seen just how quickly I can change the mood and memory of a child by either speaking grace and hope, or anger and blame.  And I’ve done both if I’m being honest.  Therefore, I think and pray on this thing, the tongue, daily.

A great way to start your Spring cleaning is to keep a log just like you would if you were wanting to change your diet.  For two weeks, try to write down and make note of your daily dialogue, with others and with yourself.  Be honest, you can’t change your diet by ignoring those late afternoon cookies and cake and you can’t change your talk if you won’t admit being an asshole to your neighbor whether out loud or inside your mind.  As you start to see a pattern in your talk, identify areas that you can clean up.  First choose the easy ones like not getting so upset about “bad” drivers.  Learn to take a breath before reacting so that you might create a chance to respond positively instead of negatively.  Choose to purposely say something nice to one person each day.  As you peel back those layers you’ll find yourself staring smack dab into the bigger issues of how you talk w/ co-workers, family, friends, and yourself.  You’ll also find yourself beginning to feel more and more positive, powerful, and optimistic.  Just like finishing a major Spring cleaning project in your home.  And once you’re there, affecting others in a positive manner, then you can begin to help yourself become more powerful within yourself as well.

In Part 2 we’ll talk more specifically about positive self talk and speaking goals into existence.  Until then, let’s lay into the task at hand and find others to encourage and raise up.  Speak life to a child,  love to a friend, and hope to a stranger.



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