March 6, 2017 Scott Gall

The Power of the Tongue P2

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“There is no human being that has a more profound influence in the outcomes of your life than you. So with that truth in mind; what are you saying about yourself? What are you consistently telling yourself to do?”  Karen Noe

In Part 1 of our two-part post on the power of the tongue we tried to encourage you to start with the easier half of positive talk, the words you speak to those around you.  You see, we talk considerably more within our hearts and minds than we do to those around us.  Consistently speaking positively to ourselves is quite a challenge.

“Positive affirmations should be a part of your daily routine. Post an inspirational phrase on your mirror and repeat it to yourself every morning and every night. Post your goals on the refrigerator and read them out loud everyday.”  Karen Noe

Our college coach is an incredible motivator.  One of the things I’m most appreciative of is that he not only motivated, but that he took the time to teach us how to motivate ourselves.  Many of us have been around a person or a group that is so motivating that we can’t help but get all pumped up and fiery when we are around them.  But when we workout 5 days a week and we’re only around those persons or groups twice a week, that leaves the majority of our workout time up to ourselves.  Coach used many affirmations.  Two of them that I’ve found most important to learn and realize are below:

“If you can see it, you can believe it.  If you can believe it, you can achieve it.”

“Everyday in every way, getting better and better.”

The first teaches the importance of positive self talk.  If we can begin to see ourselves achieving goals that we’ve set for ourselves then we are able to set in motion the process of truly achieving them.  If we never allow ourselves to “see” ourselves in this positive self-light, we will find it very difficult to ever achieve our goals.

The second is an affirmation that I use quite often.  Trying to focus solely on one huge goal is like thinking Rome was built in a day!  While we should always know what our ultimate goal is, we should also allow ourselves to find intermediate goals that are achievable and help us to continue feeling successful and motivated during the process.

In 1999 I qualified for the US Olympic Marathon Trials.  I raced the trials in 2000 while suffering from Epstein Barr, Chronic Fatigue.  Had I simply run the time I achieved to qualify for the trials, I would have been 11th over-all.  Instead, I ran over 15 min. slower and was 59th.  Over the next four years I took two years completely off in order to recover and get healthy enough to simply be able to run easy mileage without sending myself back into another cycle of chronic fatigue.  To dig out of that circumstance took a lot of prayer but also a lot of positive self talk.  “Everyday in every way…” was one of the affirmations I used on a daily basis during my lunch break in the quiet of a private room with just myself.  I used it again at night in the quiet of my bedroom before going to sleep.

We worked on speaking well to others because truthfully, it’s easier for many of us to be nicer to others than it is to be nice to ourselves.  We’re our own worst critics.  But what if we could become our own best advocate instead?!  What if we could speak as positive to ourselves as we do to those around us?  It’s not acceptable to speak harshly to those around us on a regular basis so why do we think it’s ok to speak to ourselves in this manner?!

“It ain’t over yet!”  We’ve learned to speak kindly to others, we can learn to speak kindly to ourselves.  One note written on a scrap piece of paper inside your wallet or purse.  One affirmation you speak to yourself each morning while you shower.  One 10 sec. sliver of time you take to look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself YOU are good! One routine of lifting your head each and every morning before you officially start your day.  YOU can do this!  We all can.

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