Our Fit Process

At The Runner's Flat, we work hard to offer the most comprehensive gait analysis for each and every person that walks through our doors. It's always free and there's no need for an appointment.

We love getting to know each person to understand their personal running journey, including any past or present injuries,  shoes that have or haven't worked, and their short term and long term goals.

We'll have you remove your shoes and roll up your pant legs as we watch you walk with and without shoes, perform basic balance and flexibility movements, and finally, walk or run on the treadmill in a flexible, neutral shoe to record a short video. Our video technology allows us to analyze the way in which your foot strikes while running or walking.  Combining this information, with an understanding of your personal fitness journey allows us to identify shoe options that will work well to help you stay injury free and satisfied with your selection.  We'll help you work through the options and explain what makes each shoe unique so you are able to pick the one you feel best suits your needs and desires.